Personalize Theme SydneyPro


I really need your help with Sydney or SydneyPro.

I’m having issues with the “theme personalization” option. Once I’ve clicked on the icon to personalize the theme, I’m automatically redirected to the website page, therefore I cannot make the changes I was trying to make because I cannot actually access the tool to do so. I do not know where this comes from for I have not clicked on anything that could possibly trigger the redirecting, it just happens automatically.

What can be done to stop that ? I really need to access the “theme personalization” tool.

(By the way, everything is up to date, I do not have to update WordPress or any extensions whatsoever. Which is why I’m even more confused regarding this issue.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have a great one.

Hello there,

Does your web browser have some spacial extensions/plugins enabled? To check if it’s an issue with Sydney Pro theme, try switching to one of default WordPress themes and see if the customizer is accessible.



i try on other systeme as firefox… i have not spacial extension on his browers …

Hello there,

At this phase, I need to inspect it directly from your site admin. Would you mind allowing me to access it? If wouldn’t, you could share the working login credentials to my email at Mention the link to this topic in your message body to signal it’s a follow up of my last reply.


ok, i do it just now

it’s ok, j sent your all the information’s as you request

I received it. Thanks!