Permanently, and/or default display right side bar

I’m using this theme on my dev site at the moment. This probably wouldn’t be a popular option, but I would personally love to have the ability to show the right sidebar by default, perhaps even make it stay fixed. How would I do this?

Thanks for your help and support


NOTE: working on dev site at the mo, but can share images if you like.

That would basically go against the most fundamental part of Alizee’s layout. It would require a lot of code changes.

If not fixed is there not a way to have it open instantly on load?


Thanks for your help BTW

Nope, sorry. That’s what I meant, the layout would have to be completely re-written.

Ok, my plan B is easier. Could I replace the (+) button for the sidebar with an image and/or custom text of my choosing. I basically want to encourage people to click it more.

Oh I’m buying this theme right now so all future questions will be in the pro section.

tigger :slight_smile:

That would be easy to do. You need a child theme and you need to copy the header.php file in the child theme. Then you find this line:
<div class="sidebar-toggle"><i class="fa fa-plus"></i></div>
And replace <i class="fa fa-plus"></i> with your text. Depending on the length of the text you add we can readjust the styling so it looks right. But I would need to see your website for this.