Permanent Header on first state fixed height

Hello again.

Is it possible to always have the header fixed on it’s first height? I mean to not letting it appear after scrolling down. I want only the logo floating around all the time.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, I don’t understand. You want only the logo floating and not the sidebar toggle or what exactly?

I love the sidebar and the way it toggles. I mean the upper header panel where the logo is contained.

I am not using the paralax header image in all of the pages, instead I have a text panel with a little image in it’s backgroung but in the instant that the pages are being scrolled down the header panel pops up moving the rest of the content down, when the upper bar is fading in.

I was thinkins that maybe I can freeze that upper bar. Keeping it from fading in or having it already displayed from the begining. But I can’t find that behaviour anywhere.

Here are some links:

Thanks a lot.

Oh, I see. Do this for now in a custom CSS plugin and let me know how it goes:

.site-content {
    margin-top: 0 !important;

I will try to find a way around this.

Works great! Thanks a lot. I have been searching for a solution since yesterday with no results. You are a genius bro.