Permalink problem


I have a problem related to translation and permalink. I have translated my localhost website from English to Chinese by using the Polylang plugin. Once I translated a page, say the “Service” page, I will use the title of “Chinese service” to name the translated page. Automatically, the permalink of the translated page will be formed as “localhost/wordpress/zh/chinese-service”. But I want to change the permalink as localhost/wordpress/zh/service. However, once I change to localhost/wordpress/zh/service, it will automatically become localhost/wordpress/zh/service-2.The above two pictures are for your reference. I am wondering why this situation seems not occuring in other sites, such as, in which the its permalink will not change in whatever language you choose. Can I do that as well, in other words, how to remove the “-2”?

Hello @chuchubbbb3,

As far as I know, Uber is a custom-built website and it is not using WordPress.

-2 should be added because there already is localhost/wordpress/zh/service page. Can you please enter localhost/wordpress/zh/service in your browser and check which page is already using this address?

Kind Regards, Roman.