Perfect logo size

Hi there,

What is the perfect logo size for the Sydney theme? My logo appears not sharp and I don’t want to have it so big (I prefer approximately the same height as the Menu bar).

Thanks in advance!


Depending on each needs, but 250px width seems to be ok if your logo is not highest than 100px. Use Gimp or Photoshop or any other software to resize it before upload it into WP library.



Hello Bossanovation,

Thanks! I tried to do that and uploaded it with 250px width, but it still appears blurry and not sharp (see screenshot).

Any idea anyone?

Well, I’ve checked your website, your logo seems to be ok. No aliasing problem from mobile device.

If your logo has a good quality at the origin, you shouldn’t get any deformation/aliasing once embed into website.

Maybe the vectorization is a way to figure out ?