Passing Customizer settings from Sydney to Sydney Pro doesn't work


I just bought Sydney Pro and try to pass the customizer settings from the Free Version to Sydney Pro.
I followed the instructions at the following link:

But when I try to import the text document I edited, the website mentions that its not possible to import the document because of security reasons. I tried to converse the file to another kind of document like txt, docx, rtf and odt, but non of them works. What should I do to import the pictures, titles and logos from the Free Sydney theme?

Looking forward to your answer.

With kind regards,
Jarne den Drijver


Just re-tested myself to be sure and it works fine.
The problem I assume you have is that by default you cannot load .dat files. You can either follow the steps here to load new file types or perhaps ask your host if they’ll enable it for you.

Thanks for the help;)