Partly visible Navigation Menu


First, thank you for this really clean theme, I made some customization via a child theme, and I’m almost done.

But a last thing I would like to do is make the menu appear a little bit, making the scrolling more obvious for visitors.
Is it possible to make 30px of background color visible on the landing?

Thanks for your help,



The safest way to do this would be to set a maximum height for your header image. Something like this in a custom CSS plugin and you can set the height you want:

.has-banner {
   max-height: 550px;

Thanks for the answer, I thought of this but it won’t work in many screen sizes…

I suppose the position of the menu is calculated dynamically no?
Isn’t there any way to add or remove 20px from the result?

Ow… let me think, maybe something like a border-bottom to the header image?
I’m gonna try in this direction, if in the meantime you figure… tell me :wink:


It (almost) did the job, and it add some style to the menu… once online I send you the link.

Cool. Let me know if you manage to do it, if not you could edit the scripts.js file and substract 30px from the header sizing function.

I’ll look at that, even if it looks nice as I did with a 30px solid border-bottom on the header image.
A last thing, I managed to add a target=_blank to the “call to action” links, and I would like to do the same to the social items.
Where can I find the place to do so?

I actually wanted to add that to the social links. You cannot add it manually because it’s a menu, but you can add this at the bottom of the scripts.js file:

jQuery(function($) {
     $( '.social-widget li a, .social-area li a' ).attr( 'target','_blank' );

Perfect, it works fine, I left my screen for some hours… and when I see the results now… it’s stunning!
Thanks for this great theme and support.

Hi Vlad,

I suck… I updated your theme, but I had made some changes in your files, not in my child theme…

One of this change was to show title and excerpt under the images of the projects front page widget.

Could you guide me where to do it again? I don’t remember… (is it widgets/fp-projects?)

I also created another subject for my problem with the map.

Thanks in advance,


I found on my custom style.css :

.samba-custom-title {
margin-top: 15px;
font-size: 18px;

but cannot find where is the div or class

I think you were using the code I posted here:

Don’t do it in the main theme files this time :). Do you need help to overwrite a widget from a child theme?

It would be nice… I didn’t know there was a manip’ to do so.
I made the change in the main theme fil but I keep a backup of those modification.
For info I linked my child theme with the function method, not via the style.css.
Thank you again,

You can add this to your child theme functions.php:

function moesia_child_widgets() {
	if ( function_exists('siteorigin_panels_activate') ) {
		unregister_widget( 'Moesia_Projects' );
		register_widget( 'Moesia_Newprojects' );
add_action( 'widgets_init', 'moesia_child_widgets', 99 );
require get_stylesheet_directory() . "/widgets/fp-newprojects.php";

Then create a /widgets/ folder in the child theme, copy fp-projects.php in it, rename it fp-newprojects.php, open it and change the Moesia_Projects class and function to Moesia_Newprojects and moesia_newprojects (the first few rows). Don’t do this live.

Also, revisit the codex page for child themes, your method is wrong and it loads the child stylesheet twice.

Hi Vlad,

This is exactly what I’m trying to do!

I would like to create a new project widget and have followed the instructions you provided above, but the projects section just seems to disappear from the front page. Everything seems like it should work, I changed the class and function names in the first few lines and even references to moesia_projects further down in the fp-newprojects.php but it is just not showing up, any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

Thank you,