Parse Error - I need help please

Got this message when I try to log into my site or when trying to view the site “. Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘::’ (T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM) in /home/point0sg/webapps/lcp_wp/wp-content/plugins/squirrly-seo/controllers/Sitemaps.php on line 476”.

Please HELP!

Hello there,


The related file where the issue be found doesn’t indicate any trouble with Sydney theme’s code. It would be the Squirrly SEO plugin. Since you’re restricted to access admin area due to this error, you’d need to remove that plugin folder over FTP program. Try to log in again and see if the error persists. Then you would have to ask the plugin’s author to correct this.


I installed Yoast SEO now. Looks like when I activate it, I can’t access the content of our site. ?? The site is working, but I can’t access the content to edit it? Once I turn it off it returns? Has happened to anyone before? Am I missing something?