Parse error after updating the CSS

I have updated the CSS code and couldn’t login any more.
I was able to retrieve the connection and change the them, but Sydney is not working for me any more.

Any suggestion please?

Hello there,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into issue. I’ll try to do anything I can to help, but, let me ask one thing. Where did you do that action? Was that in the customizer (Appearance > Customize)?


Thanks Kharis.
I did the change in appearance -> edit where the css code is located. I did only a minor change but i return it back but unfortunatelly didn’t work…

If i can get the original Sydny theme it might work.

Hello there,

FTP your site to access the theme directory under root_directory > wp-content > themes. Then rename or delete the sydney theme folder. So that your site will use the default WordPress theme (if any) and then log into your site admin (/wp-admin) to install the fresh one of Sydney.


Dear Kharis,

Thanks for your theme and support!
I did the exact same mistake than naser1232
I’m french so I’m not sure I understood everything…
question is:
As I have to delete and reinstall Sydney theme,

  • Am I gonna loose all my customizing?

Hello @lalandaisienne,

If you haven’t yet edited the theme’s files, all customization you’ve done should remain.


for more details the error is:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting end of file in /homepages/28/d659495098/htdocs/wp-content/themes/sydney/widgets/fp-services-type-a.php on line 7

it appeared when I tried to edit fp-services-type-A.php adapting the code from the topic about how to justify the text in Sydney’s widget testimonials

I’ve just read that it could be due to “The file permissions are incorrect”

If you or anyone could help me with it… I’m sorry I a real newbie!!

Thanks again


(So proud of myself :slight_smile:

I went in my FTP wp-content > themes > sydney > widget and I edited > fp-services-type-A.php, then I past the copy of the original code (found in sydney theme that I did redownload previously on my desk)

I also changed all the accesses rights, by checking “execute” for the owner.

I hope it will help someone!

Thank you Kharis for putting me on the track!