I have downloaded and am trying out this theme as it has stated it has parallax backgrounds… but they are not working. I see they are not working on your Moesia demo site either.

I see that you have the scrolly.js parallax script in the themes Javascript folder, but it is not being loaded (enqueued) by the theme (on my test site nor on your demo site).

Do I need to activate the parallax script manually?

To be clear… a fixed, non-moving background (background-attachment: fixed;) is not parallax. A parallax background scrolls at a different rate from other layers, content, etc… it still must move to be parallax.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

I have just read in another post for this theme that you prefer pure CSS parallax as opposed to js, so this may explain why the scrolly.js script is not being used for the parallax effect, and this is fine… the pure CSS method is great.

I still am not seeing any parallax effect on the background images though… they are either set to scroll at the same speed as everything else, or they are fixed to the viewport. Where is the CSS in your files that should be creating the parallax scrolling? (I imagine using transform / translateZ, etc)