Parallax problems in Firefox, Chrome is ok

I have several background images with parallax effect but in FF most of them have incorrect positioning - blank spaces. In Chrome everything is ok.
Problem page -

Thank you.


This issue is on our todo list. Meanwhile, the only quick solution I see is to add this code in Customize > Additional CSS:

@-moz-document url-prefix() {
    .panel-row-style {
          background-position: center !important;

Hi @vlad,

This css disables parallax in FF for all images except slider (slider parallax is correct). Is there any solution for correct parallax in FF?
jQuery Parallax lib is no longer maintained for a long time:
May be athemes team will switch to another lib?

Thanks a lot

Yeah, the plan is to replace the library. So the code disables the parallax but keeps the effect only by CSS (obviously, there are differences). But yeah we need to replace it soon.

What effect does it keep? I dont see any effect for background images in FF? Meanwhile Chrome is ok with this css.
Do you have any deadline for “lib replacement” feature?

You don’t see the same parallax effect in FF, but slightly different than before? That should happen if I’m not missing anything. Because the code effectively overrides what the JS library was doing and instead the parallax effect happens in a CSS-only mode, because the images are set to fixed.

Nor on my local debug server neither on real server (link above, just pushed changes there) I see no parallax effect for backfround images in FF at all. Try it yourself.


Right, add this too please:

.panel-row-style {
    -moz-transform: none !important;
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Yep, that helped. Behavior in FF differes from Chrome but is much better than it was.
Thank a lot!