Parallax problem - row background-image

Hi there,

I have a problem - parallax crashes in every single one row which has a background image set.
For ex., my website source code:

  1. div id=“pg-2037-5”, class=“siteorigin-panels-stretch panel-row-style panel-row-style-for-2037-5”
  2. div id=“pg-2037-7”, class=“siteorigin-panels-stretch panel-row-style panel-row-style-for-2037-7”
    … etc.

Do you know how to avoid blank space in parallax (as above) while scrolling? It seems like a parallax positioning is not working properly.

Everything was working correctly before recent updates.


Edit: Solution is: .panel-row-style { -moz-transform: none !important; }. Case closed.


Great! I’m glad it’s resolved! If you need help with anything else, please open a new topic.

Have a nice day!

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