Parallax problem on mobile

On mobile (in the row with parallax effect like Clients row) the background image create a void cuz it scroll up too much… haw can i fixed it? can i put a media query that block the parallax effect on mobile? how?

What theme version are you using? It is blocked on mobiles in the latest version. Post a link please.

version 1.05… i can’t post the link cuz the site isnt already online, i’m trying it on a local server… can i disable parallax effect on mobile working on style.css or in other way? or there are other solutions?

any idea?

Sorry, I missed this topic. So if you’re working locally then you haven’t actually tested on a mobile device, correct?

There is no parallax on mobiles because we’re using JS to test for user agents and disabling parallax where it’s not needed. I’m guessing you just resized your window which doesn’t show the same behavior for background images as it is shown on an actual mobile device. But version 1.06 which should be online soon will show the same behavior anyway :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile: so i’ll wait for the new version to put online this site