Parallax on sydney pro

when i scroll down and content is too long ,image finishes and white gap to make it to scroll down but image stays in the screen even if content is too long?

did you activate the background image parallax from “edit row”? I’ve try that and facing same problem with you.

Then for the solution, you can try to use a background image paralla from the widget, not from the row. (please make sure your Page Builder by SiteOrigin has version 2.2)

the steps:

  1. Edit your page
  2. Click “Edit” for the widgets
  3. upload/choose your image from Widget Styles > Background Image
  4. Choose “Parallax” for the “Background Image Display”
  5. save your page
  6. after that, you’ll got a javascript error, please visit this thread to solve the error

i would prefer to fix this with custom css without modify existing code. it happens only in that theme.i ve tried in a lot themes and no problem.any other suggestion please?


You can add this to switch the parallax effect to a CSS powered one:

.panel-row-style {
    background-position: center !important;

it has exactly the same problem…

actually i used the css to the specific page and it works.
i tried before on css for the whole website
thanks a lot.very happy!!