Parallax inconsistent from Sydney to Sydney Pro


I began a build in Sydney, then upgraded to Sydney Pro. The parallax action in Sydney is far superior to Sydney Pro. I’ve made sure (I think) that all of the settings are the same, but things look so much better in the free version with regard to image placement and parallax movement. Any thoughts on why this is?



I’ve just compared Sydney demo site and Sydney Pro demo site, but I didn’t notice any difference.

Can you please provide a link to the site that is affected by the issue that you described above?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman, thanks for your speedy reply.

Currently the free version of theme is active because other folks on my team are reviewing it, and I want them to see it with the more attractive parallax function implemented.

At around 6PM PST (Los Angeles time, USA), I will be activating the pro version, so I can work with it over the weekend. The link will be the same and the site will look the same, but you’ll be able to notice the difference in the parallax images.

Hope that helps, if you need me to do anything else, let me know.

Thank you!



I’ve just checked the link, but there is still Sydney theme activated.

Please leave here a note when you activate Sydney Pro theme.

Kind Regards, Roman.

?Hi Roman, sorry for the delay…

The Sydney Pro theme is now active.

Thanks so much!



I’ve just checked the website once again and it seems to work well. Is your issue already resolved?

Kind Regards, Roman.