Parallax images gone after upgrade Sydney Pro 1 to Sydney Pro 2


I just upgraded from Sydney Pro 1 to Sydney Pro 2 and the parallax images I used disappeared. Images are still set as backgrounds of the rows in SiteOrigin, just like before, but they don’t show anymore.

You can see them here on an older design of the site (still Sydney Pro version 1)
Am talking about those grey backgrounds.

How to fix this?

Hello there,

Have you tried this?


That is exactly what I did…

Found a workaround in meanwhile…
I added an empty row where I have the same image set as a parallax background for the cell (not the row).
So this row doesn’t show in the layout of the website, but it did somehow enable to show the parallax of the other rows.
(If I delete this row, the parallax images of the other rows -where they are set as background of the rows- disappear).

The photo of the hand also shows in another size now (which is actually better than before).

Very weird and probably not the best way to do webdesign, but it works for now.
So I am not looking for a solution anymore, although some insight in what I am doing wrong (as there should be a way to build this without that workaround) would be welcome. :wink: