Parallax image scroll


Congrats on a great theme.

We would like to upload a workflow/process image which will appear in several sections as the user scrolls down the page. The idea is that as the user scrolls, different parts of the image will be visible from the start of the process to the finish.

We have two questions:

  1. Where would we place this image(s)? We see two potential places A) customizer > background image B) add multiple ‘Moesia FP: Call to action’ blocks on the page and add individual images (essentially we’ll chop up the main image into several smaller jpegs).

  2. What size should the image(s) be?

Is there anything else we should know in order to implement this?

The URL is:



  1. I recommend using rows / widgets ( Call to Action widget for example ) in Page Builder and set Parallax Background images to the rows, but make sure to add the widgets in separate Rows, so one widget in one row, so you can set a full-width background image to them.

  2. I suggest to use a 1920x1080px image for high quality ( the height can be different, depending of the height of the widget areas, if you plan to break the screen in 4 or so in height, then use around 1920x400px images ).

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