Parallax does not adjust to full page width

In my page, I’ve used parallax effect. For some days at first it worked properly - edge to edge i browser window… but somehow and page after page the full width narrowed in to the current size.

I’m not much into coding - and it did work when it was set up, so my question is:

What kind of setting do I need to change in order to make the parallax working properly (full page width)?

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For the parallax with full width background image, please try to set the image to the row (not to the widgets).

Thanks for replying :smiley:

I’m not sure of what your suggesting… or how to do it

The parallax effect comes as a widget: “Moesia FP; Call to action”



Here is what I mean,

  1. Edit page
  2. choose the row which you want to set the background image then click “Edit row”
  3. After popup edit row displayed, see in the right sidebar > row styles
  4. Add your image to Theme > background image

Thanks :smiley: - also for your patience with a rookie - but no luck…

I tried to do ad the image:

  1. as suggested
  2. as background image in design under widget style for the widget
  3. as a background image of a completely new row without any widgets

all the same result: the image is only showed in the middle of the screen…

All of the above can be seen at this page:

best regards

any other suggestions?