Parallax background - Social Profile

I want to insert a parallax picture to the widget Social Profile. When I go to the widget and insert a picture within the section Design and choose the parallax it is not working. The page is loading and loading and not showing up.
What do I do wrong? Is there a trick?
Thanx for your help!

It is necessary to set a background image in a edit row, not edit widget.


I’ve try to figuring it out but I am not sure what cause it. The error are comes from the siteorigin plugin.

Try to resolve the issue by follows the steps below:

  1. go to “wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/js” rename file parallax.min.js to parallax.min_.js and then rename file parallax.js to parallax.min.js

  2. open file parallax.min.js and go to line 333, change this line Parallaxoption; to Parallax();

  3. save, and reload your page.

PS: this edited files would be replaced with the new one when you update the plugin