Parallax-background not responsive


I use parallax-background image on the frontpage of a website I’m developing (I’m developing this one offline so I can’t give you the web address ). I notice that once the width of the screen jumps to 1020px the image becomes fixed (on the top of the image) and thus does not move any longer when I scroll.
If the parallax function is not responsive how can I make sure that the entire picture is resized instead of only a small part of the picture is being shown?

Thank you

Hi, you set Header Image from Customizer? I tried to reproduce the issue, but it is working fine (I tried on Chrome and Firefox). Maybe you applied some custom css for image?

If there is issue I am sure that it can be fixed but I have to look at your page when it becomes available online.

Thank you for the response!

It is not the Header-Image that is not responsive; but the pictures I use on the frontpage as a background to the row to create the parallax scrolling.
I use Safari.

I will let you know when the website is online (probably somewhere around mid to the end of May)

Oh, I see. Try to apply custom css below, you can use simple custom css plugin if you like:

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
    .panel-row-style {
      background-attachment: fixed !important;
      background-position: center top !important;
      -webkit-background-size: cover !important;
      -moz-background-size: cover !important;
      background-size: cover !important;