Paralax background image doesn't show always


thanks for uploading such a great template.
I have the problem that on my page you can’t always see the background images. For example you scroll down one time and everything is okay, but the next moment when you scroll up or just wait a while, the image is lost or just a particular part is shown…
At this moment I use it 3 times on my page.
Can you please help me fix the problem?

I’ve got another question, is there a possibility to stretch the image at news to the whole height of the container in mobile use? Because here only the first and a part of the second article have the background image, but the remain is just white background.

My last problem is that when I open my page with Mozilla Firefox the Revolution Slider is way to much on the right site of the display, so left you can see an empty place and at a certain point the slider begins. With Google Chrome the page shows normal.

Many thanks in advance!



  1. I tried a couple of times on your website and I’m seeing the images properly. In what browser are you experiencing this issue?
  2. You could stretch it with a bit of custom code, but it would be better if you used an image with a bigger height. If you don’t have one, let me know and I’ll give you the code.
  3. Update the theme please, this theme+slider+ has been fixed already.
  1. I’m sorry but the problem with the missing image is still here.
    I use Google Chrome but have the same problem with Mozilla Firefox…
    I uploaded 2 Screenshots to show you exactly what I mean:
  2. It would be great if you could give me the code. But I think it would be even better if there was only 1 news article in the mobile version. Then the problem with the small picture would be solved, too. Is there a way to limit it to one post on the smartphone?
  3. After installing the update it works great! Thank you :-).
  4. Is there a possibility to easily create ankers in the headlines of each row?

Thank you so much!

1&2) I think I saw the issue you mentioned at some point. I see you have a child theme, use this please for your first two points:

.panel-row-style {
    position: static;
@media (max-width: 499px) {
    .blog-post:nth-of-type(3) {
         display: none;

  1. You mean to link your menu to various rows? That can be done, there is an ID generated for each row. Do you know how to use the Chrome Dev tools to get the IDs?

Thank you, now it works perfectly! The image is always visible.
And I like your solution for one news article, it looks great on my phone.

  1. I’ve already seen that you created IDs for the different rows. Here I use them, for example #latest-news #blackquote etc. But on my page there are some rows built with the visual editor, and then they don’t have autogenerated IDs. When I try to place them manually (e.g. <section id=“training”></section>) the settings aren’t saved and the theme deletes them.

That’s what I’m saying, besides the IDs for the built-in widgets the Page Builder plugin generates IDs for each row.
At the moment on your page the IDs are #pg-2040-0, #pg-2040-1#pg-2040-8.