Paragraphs in About Us front page block


Firstly, thanks for this excellent theme and support.

I’m trying to space the text in the “About Us” widget by adding paragraphs, the widget keeps removing the tags though.

I’ve tried changed various settings in fp-about.php but can’t get it to work.




Yeah, we’re sanitizing it a bit too much and it doesn’t allow any HTML. We’ll try to change this after the theme goes live on

Meanwhile do this and let me know if it’s working for you:

  • Replace
    $instance['about_text'] = strip_tags($new_instance['about_text']); with
    $instance['about_text'] = wp_kses_post($new_instance['about_text']);
  • Replace
    <?php echo esc_textarea($about_text); ?> with
    <?php echo $about_text; ?>
    In the file you already identified of course.

Hi Vlad,

what happens when I change that code? Will I be able to use paragraphs or at least line breaks in text on the Quill theme?

You only need to replace the first part, I missed it in the last update. After that you’ll be able to use all HTML tags that are allowed on regular posts.

Hi Vlad,
i tried to change that code but now html is allowed but not decoded (the tags are all visible). See yourself:

That’s because you’re not using the latest version of the theme. In your version the second code change from above is not done.

sorry but I did not understand. What does it mean that the second code change is not done? However since I have customized a lot the theme how could I solve the issue without upgrade?

Edit: the version is 1.02

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. Have you made both changes from here?

You should always use a child theme for customizations. Current version is 1.04.

Yes, both changes. However i’ve done the upgrade (and first change from above), but nothing is changed…

P.s. i had to downloaod the last version changing the url, because in the official download page is linked the version 1.02 still.

Sorry, do this too:

$about_text = isset( $instance['about_text'] ) ? esc_textarea($instance['about_text']) : '';


$about_text = isset( $instance['about_text'] ) ? $instance['about_text'] : '';

Just tested it now to be sure and you can add paragraphs, links etc.

Yes, now it works :slight_smile: Thanks so much, also for this beautiful theme :slight_smile:


I tried to apply those advices but I can’t manage it !
Please can you explain again for the dummy how can I do to add HTML code on the short description (contact an about us sections)…

Thank you very much


I’ve applied the above changes. I was able to apply changes 1 and 2 but not 3. I am using Quill version 1.08. I am still not able to format the text. Can you please help me out.



Firstly, thanks for this beautifull theme and sorry for my very bad english.

I have the same problem. I can’t put HTML in section “Add a bit of info about your firm” in the widget “About Us”.

In a child theme, I try your solution i.e modify fp-about.php like your suggest but I can’t add HTML. When i update my front page HTML tags disapear.

I’m in Quill 1.08.


Woo hooo! this works!!


  1. In the wordpress admin panel, go to appearance -> editor
  2. On the right hand side of the page, under templates, search for fp-about.php and click
  3. Then like Vlad says,
    – Replace
    $instance[‘about_text’] = strip_tags($new_instance[‘about_text’]); with
    $instance[‘about_text’] = wp_kses_post($new_instance[‘about_text’]);
  4. Replace
    $about_text = isset( $instance[‘about_text’] ) ? esc_textarea($instance[‘about_text’]) : ‘’;
    $about_text = isset( $instance[‘about_text’] ) ? $instance[‘about_text’] : ‘’;
  5. Click on update file
    About us will now reflect line breaks!