Paragraph spacing

How can I adjust the default space between paragraphs? Right now the default is barely more than the spacing between lines, making it a bit difficult for readers. I’d rather adjust the paragraph spacing instead of just hitting Return twice, if that’s possible.


You’re probably referring to something else as what you’re describing doesn’t happen. And you can see it not happening on the blog:
Where’s the section where you see this issue?

Odd … you’re right: looks pretty normal now. Not sure what I was seeing then. Sorry about that.

Hey Vlad: this post is an example of what I was talking about here about the similarities between the line and paragraph spacing:

Not sure why it would be different from other posts (like, but they certainly look different to me.

Hmm, something looks off. Add this for now please:

p {
     margin-bottom: 24px;

Worked like a charm:


@vlad, I’m been browsing this (and many other) threads regarding line and paragraph spacing, but I haven’t found a solution to my particular spacing issue.

My site: seems to have some spacing issues that I can’t figure out in both post text and in page test. The text is all bunched with not enough space to allow readers easiness on the eye.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you - Kevin.