Paid for Sydney Pro but received nothing

Hi there

I paid $49 this morning for the pro version but I never got an email with a link to download or upgrade to this. I spoke to someone in support who said they will resend the link but again I received nothing. They said I have an account with the email address registered when purchased but it doesn’t work. Has anyone on this forum paid for the pro version and actually be given an account or link that works? I can’t believe I’ve just paid $49 and received nothing. I’m supposed to get pro support but I’m not getting that either.


First, I’d like to apologise for the trouble. The problem is you haven’t confirmed your email address (@hotmail), that’s why you haven’t received the download link or the link my colleague resent. The account should have worked, just like the one you’re posting from works.
If you can’t find the email to activate your account, I’ll be happy to move your download to this account. Is that alright?


They managed to get this working eventually after some emails to support.