Pagination/navigation issue in a Service type post, but not in a Page

I’m experiencing a strange issue and I cannot find out why this is happening… I created a Service post, where I want to show a list of projects that have tags of that type of service. I found a nice plugin that works with that, post grid, it displays nice the projects with correct pagination if I “call” it from a Page, but inside the Service post the pagination does this: It shows the pages that it should have (1, 2, 3), the hrefs look that they send the request to the correct url (, but the page just reloads (it stays at, where it was.
Is there anything at the theme that I could change to accept that pagination? It intrigues me the fact that is working fine in a page but not in posts…
Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.
Thank you a lot in advance.

Hello there,

Please share your service page URL here, so I can have a look. If you want it to remain private, you can contact me at; enclose the link to this thread in your email body.