Pagespeed Insights ranks site low due to slider images


I checked in Google Pagespeed Insights and got a fairly low ranking because the images in Carousel is a lot bigger than they are actually shown. Try it you yourself:

Is it possible to display images that are correctly sized for the slider?

Many thanks in advance!


I already changed the image sizes for the version that will go live on But they can’t be perfect anyway: less slides are shown on smaller screens and at certain resolutions the images need to be bigger than they would need in most cases. More than that, the same image sizes that are shown on mobiles will be shown on desktops. Can’t do much about that.

Hi Vlad,

Excellent that the issue is already adressed! Please let me know when it is available on

Hi, i recommend you to use this plugin for cache and minifying. That will improve your score. I recommend you to use premium version aswell. Its the best plugin for pagespeed right now.