Pages with employess in different categories


I’ve got one peculiar problem which I’m not able to solve.

I would like to have various categories of employees - for example category1, category2, category3 - each with couple of different employees. I would like to have couple of pages, each one displaying one of those categories. For example, page1 would only show category1, page2 would show category2 and so on.

I tried plugins and million other solutions, but for some reason nothing seems to be working. Anyone has a solution for this? I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.
Wonderful theme by the way.


See this video on the documentation page please:
You can achieve exactly what you’re describing by using one widget per page.

Thanks for reply.

Unfortunately, I tried that and there is a problem - the page always displays all employees, despite that I have clearly set it to display only certain category through its slug, just like in the video.

I’m not sure if this is some bug, or if there is a problem on my side - I’m using latest version of moesia along with latest version of wordpress - 4.2.2. Can anyone confirm that in this setup it works, so I can be sure that the problem is somewhere else? Thanks a lot.

Yeap, just tried it to make sure and it works fine. Have another look - only thing that can go wrong is if you’ve added the slug in a different field. Feel free to send me an admin account to vlad[at] if you don’t figure it out.

Thank you, I already figured it out.

Problem was that I used employee page template and not frontpage.

Great theme by the way, and superb support. Keep it up!