Pages take forever to finish loading

Thanks for the great themes, we are big fans of your work!

Our site seems to load fine, everything appears, images included, functionality seems to work, but the browser indicates that the site is still loading for a very long time, about five minutes. Until the site has finished loading, the menu isn’t sticky, and firebug won’t load, so it’s a bit frustrating. Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!


From what I can see the load is caused by this file ( The browser can’t get it and eventually it times out.
Could be the favicon too which apparently is also missing.

Thanks for your help Vlad, much appreciated! I searched the site’s code (page source, css through firebug, etc) for that image and couldn’t find it. You don’t happen to know a good way to find where it’s being called, do you? I also searched through the settings in WP and couldn’t find any broken images referenced. Thanks!


I think you handled it? The loading doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Yes, seems like it had to do with DNS cacheing and it’s resolved. Thanks very much for your help!