Pages beyond home are not working

Hi, thank you very much for the support you offer. I was customizing my theme and when I try to add any widget,they don’t work they look right, they just look like a title, I don’t know how to add images in these forum.

Please help me. ;(

Hello there,

Thank you for getting in touch here.

To attach an image, you can use the file sharing service like to upload your image. Then post its public link here. If possible, please share the link to your site, so I can have a direct look.


Thank You Kharis,

Here is how I look the pages I create:

Even if I follow instructions shown in here

You can also see the image here:

how I see pages not working

and here, I’m so sorry I didn’t understand how it worked

Hi, I ketp investigating what is the problem, but I don’t know. I already imported the perth-setting on the toolset import/export, I can see the pages, but when I add a service o a client or anythin this message shows:

for each post type this message displays on the toolset dashboard:

Your theme’s template file for displaying Client items is missing custom fields

I don’t know what else to do. Please help.

Carol Penados

Hello there,

Custom post type widgets like Perth FP: Services Type A won’t display any content unless the entry items for the respective post type exist. You’ve to create your services. Please check this tutorial.