Pagebuilder stopped working

Hello, I have recently published my website using the moesia-Theme. Then I built the single pages using the pagebuilder plugin which worked fine by the way.

Now here comes the problem: Now two weeks after publishing the site i want to make some changes on the Startpage but the pagebuilder plugin seems to have stopped working. I cannot edit my pages using pagebuilder as the button to switch to pagebuilder is just not there anymore. I just can choose between visual editor or text editor.

Under the wordpress-settings there is a button to the pagebuilder settings, but there are no options I could change.

The Frontend works fine untill now, but as soon as I edit the pages in the visual or text editor it seems to loose the centent I made with pagebuilder 2 weeks ago.

I tried deactivating and reactivating the pagebuilder plugin, and even re-installed the plugin completely.

Can anyone suggest a possible way to reactivate the pagebuilder-plugin?

Thanks in advance

Problem has been solved. Ran out of webspace. Cleared some webspace and works fine now. Thread can be closed.

Happy to see problem solved, feel free to ask if you will have more questions