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Hey guys. I have a problem with this installation that the customer has taken over admin over. The page builder seems to have some problems and the pages is working but we can not edit them.
After updating everything i also found this problem with Toolset types, see attached image: 1

If i choose edit page it looks like this, see attached image 2. There is nothing there to edit, this is according to the new admin a new phenomena.

Haven´t been working with this theme for a while now, all new ssites are Sydney pros. Ineed help here :slight_smile:

Link to page:

Best regards

Hello there,

This is not error caused by the theme. It is due to you’re running free version of Toolset Types plugin. That message appears since the updates for free version of the plugin is discontinued. So, you’re receiving a recommendation to upgrade message.

Please send the username and password to your site’s admin area privately over direct message in this forum. So, I can inspect directly and find the cause of that issue. Enter ‘Need help: Pagebuilder issue’ as the message title.

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day :slight_smile:

aThemes Support

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