Page titles moved up under menu

It seems over night my page titles moved up under my menu. The homepage didn’t seem to be effected, just all the others. I changed the padding to 170 on the row and that changed it, but not sure why it happened arbitrarily. What do you advise.

Thanks! Bryan

Hello there,

It seems like your page titles are working fine already as seen on this screenshot:


Have you been able to manage it? Or am I missing something? Please advise.


Hi Kharis,

I have no idea what happen, but it appears to have rectified itself.

Thanks for getting back with me. - Bryan

No worries.

Please let us know in a new topic if you need anything else.



I just created a topic on this matter, it’s the exact same problem but mine as not been resolved last year, and now it appears again with both choice of menu. I have not no solution and it’s not going to be resolved by itself.

Thank you