Page Title / Logo covers menu

Hi Vlad
I moved the menu to the very top of the header but now the (centered) welcome title and logo cover the menu items when scrolling (especially annoying on mobile). Where can I bring the menu to the top layer?

Also, how can I give my page a page title without it showing up in the menu bar (I just want it at the top of my browser window or tab).



Yes, there is a small z-index issue which was fixed and a new version will be available in a bit.

If pages are showing up by themselves in your menu than it means you have not set a menu and WP is automatically adding all your pages. Go to Appearance > Menus and create a menu and then assign it to the primary position.

Hi Vlad
thanks for the swift reply!
regarding question 2: My issue is not with page titles but with the title of the entire website:

I want the part “This Text” to disappear from the menu and only show in my browser title. Also, is it possible to have the logo in this place instead? (instead of in the middle of the header picture)?


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood.

You can have a logo there and it can be different from the one from the header. See Customize > General > Logo. It will replace your site title.