Page Title hidden behind header


I love this theme, but I simply can’t find where to adjust the margin at the top to keep my page titles from hiding behind the header. I’ve tried increasing the .site-content margin but that does nothing… not sure I’m in the right place. I appreciate your time in advance! Thanks

Here’s a screenshot since the site has a temporary landing page:
margin-top: 120px;


I just checking your attached image and visit your site in
But, your site looks like not published yet. Can you publish your site for a while? so I can check directly to your site.


Hi Awan,

It’s live now.

Thank you,

Is it okay if you decrease the logo image when displaying the page? (except home page)
Please try this css code:

body:not(.home) .site-logo {
    height: 115px;

Yes, that worked. Thank you!

may I ask you what would be the code
if I want to decrease size of the logo image on the home page too?
Thank you

Hello @mujhanyzek

Here is the css code that should work for all pages:

.site-logo {
    height: 115px;

this works great for Front page, thank you,
but other pages without header image (that with plane in demo) are shown wrong.
I mean logo is OK but…
Their title is not hidden behind part with logo,
but the title is very close to that part.
Can you advice me how can I move title lower?
Thank you

Hi, could you please to share the URL of your site here? so I can check it directly

Oh I see… please try code below:

body:not(.home) .site-content {
    margin-top: 150px !important;

Works great, thank you so much.