Page Title color change

In this page
I converted the page from Full Width to Front Page which gives me black bg from top to bottom. Which almost However the ‘Clients’ title name on top left (above Mahindra) disappeared. Can Igive any color to the text and make it visible ? Can you give me a code to change the title name’s color to white ? How can I change the font and size of the same page title “Clients” that appears at top left ?


I don’t see any invisible title there, I checked the code.

You can try to add new row on top and put title there.

Kind Regards, Roman.

You can see now at
How to fill top white area behind the “Clients” title are with black. Black is not required
in top header. How to change the color and font style of 'Clients" that is on top left side ?

I don’t think that there is an easy way to do it. I think that it would be easier to add empty Text widget without content (but with widget title) into the first row using Front Page template.

Kind Regards, Roman.