Page template

I would like to add a few page templates - how do I do that?

Thanks a lot for any help.


You just create them and add them in the theme folder. See here about page templates if you need.

Thanks Vlad but you are thinking too highly about my skills.

I would not know how to start to create “them” and I have been reading on the link you suggested.

Can I find a “blank” single landing page suitable theme and copy the files to a folder named “sweatheat-child”?

Will that work?


Not sure I understand what you mean about the blank theme. You can’t just copy page templates from one theme to another if that’s what you mean because the structure won’t fit.

Is there something specific you’d like to achieve? Perhaps I can point you in the right direction.

Thanks and sorry for not being clear.

But…yeah…that was what I was in thinking…see I am a novice :slight_smile:

I just wan’t to create and add a landing page which does not have navigation footer etc. Only images and text.

However, I have found some plugin’s which apparently can do that too so I will try that out before anything else.

When I access my WP files on my web hotel via ftp or others I feel like I am doing open heart surgery on my dog or something so I prefer not to go there…


If you just want to remove the navigation and the footer that’s really easy to do with some custom CSS. Let me know elements exactly you want to hide and I’ll give you the code. Preferably also post a link to your site.

Okay…great. So I should use the default page template and then add some CSS code the that specific page?

My site is

If would like to have a simple page without header, navigation menus, footer etc. Just showing what I decide to add (widgets) when designing a page and using it as a landing page.

Does that make sense?


Keep it like it is now, install a custom CSS plugin and add this:

#footer {
     display: none;

Vlad…thanks. However you’re too advanced for me.

So…I create a normal page and use the default template and add a CSS code?

Where does the CSS code go and does it need to contain more than what you wrote?

Sorry for not being a programmer.

Don’t worry about the page, leave it as it is now.

Install this plugin from your dashboard. You’ll notice that the plugin provides a textarea. Copy the code I gave you and paste it in that textarea.

Thanks. I will try it out.

Okay…next question.

Will these changes (enforced by the custom CSS) not be implemented on the whole website and not only on a single page?

I actually has a custom CSS plugin already…theme junkie.

I can see that the content of theme junkie’s custom CSS is from when I had your theme Intro installed.

Make sense?