Page row transparency


They start from #pg-321-0.
For future reference, it’s like this:
#pg-page id (321 in this case)-row position (starting from 0)


Thanks a lot for this. Say I add one more language, how do I find the right page ID to add to my CSS? Just go to that page with dev tools and re-do the whole? P.s. User removed.


When you edit your page you’ll notice a number in the URL bar. That’s the page ID :slight_smile:
You can use dev tools too, I assumed you didn’t knew how since you asked for the row IDs.


Thanks a lot, Vlad!


Hi Vlad, I have been following this thread today as I have the same problem. It would be great if in the theme setting for a row we could change the transparency.

That being said, we are looking to have it set to 0 for some sections, but then bak to .7 for others. Not an expert at working with WordPress or your templates (kind of new at it), so the idea of how to install a custom CSS is alluding me.

Thanks for the help.