Page redirects with Polylang acting up

Hi guys,

Just looking for some help with this strange issue that has been popping up.

I installed Polylang after customizing my website using Elementor, and translated the new language page natively through Elementor after setting it up. Now, when I try to use Polylang’s language switcher in the menu from English to French, it always redirects me to the English home page even though French is set to default everywhere. What is even stranger is that once I visit the English home page, typing in my domain automatically directs me to English and the language switcher won’t ever take me to French unless I specifically type it in.

Interestingly, cleaning up my computer’s cache allows the French website to pop-up when typing the domain, but only until the language switcher is selected once.

Here is the French homepage:
Here it the English home page (I know the slug is terrible but I’ll play with it once this issue is dealt with):

Can anybody help me fix this? I have been doing a lot of research in the last few days and cannot seem to get it over with…!

Thanks in advance,

Hello there,

Please read this documentation once again. And check if you’ve set static front page properly in the Settings > Reading panel.