Page Options: Check this box to hide the title

Page Options:
Check this box to hide the title

I use that option on all pages.
However… this option, does NOT remove the title in the source code.
All it does. It’s hiding it.

I need to REMOVE the title from the source code as well, otherwise I am running into SEO issues, having multiple H1 Tags on each page.


What’s the name of the .php file?
What’s the line of the code that needs to be removed?

Hi there,

Share a link to your site please, and send a screenshot of a option which you are using, since it may be different if you are using older theme version.

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There is no difference… and I am using the latest theme options.
The question is simple and clear.

It’s obvious, that the option “check this box to hide the title” is simply hiding the title.
Display: none

But that is not good for SEO.

I am asking, what .php contains the source code to remove the title from a page, instead of just choosing the none display.

About a screenshot:
How much more specific can I be?

Choose Page–>Edit Page–> scroll down in the editor, and check the tab page options.
Withing that tab, you can chose “Check this box to hide the title!”

can you dig it?

Hi again,

I asked about theme version for a reason, and after checking this further within sydney toolbox plugin files it is clear that you are using Sydney Pro theme, and this option does not exist in Sydney free version. Sydeny toolbox plugin is handling meta boxes, but option itself should be within header.php file so check there, but in case that it isn’t helpful please post your question within Sydney Pro forum, and Kharis or Roman will assist you with this.

Best Regards!