Page not loading with Chrome

Hi, after the latest theme update my site is not working properly with Chrome.
With Safari it’s working okay. I have a Sydney child theme and when trying to preview the page by moving from dashboard to visit site the page just keeps loading.

Can you support me with this? I already deactivated all the plugins but the issue continued to exist.


I have a similar issue. Works in Firefox but not in Chrome or IE. Was working fine until I installed the update to the parent this morning. I have deactivated the plug ins but still no joy.

Thanks for your time


You guys are just seeing cache, I can see both your sites in Chrome without issues. Do a page refresh or clear your browser’s cache.

As an update, my parent theme works fine, but even if i create a fresh child theme it will not work. I just get the two dots bouncing.

I had to take the parent theme into use, there are no issues with that

@davetree69: Activate the child theme please so I can see what’s going on but as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it’s probably cache.

If any of you could activate the child theme it would be helpful to figure out what’s going on.

Hello, sorry, have just activated the Child theme. Two dots still bouncing

Please hit CTRL and F5 to clear your cache. There is nothing wrong with your site or with your child theme.

lol…sorry Vlad, it does seem to be working now. I cleared my browser cache earlier and it didn’t seem to do anything. Is that what CTRL F5 does?
Thanks again
Must be fun having to deal with muppets like me

CTRL F5 does it only for the tab you’re on.

It’s possible earlier that you’ve cleared it for the past hour or so, and the cache was older than that.