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Hello I would like to have a numbered pagination in my theme so I’ve installed wp-Pagenavi. Please tell me which files do I have to change since I cannot find the “nav-previous” and “nav-next” to replace with <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>.



You’re looking for the quill_paging_nav() function which is in template-tags.php.

Hi Vlad,

Tried to do the same with Sydney theme and install the plugin wp-pagenavi. I followed the instruction on the plugin site. I did find the nav-previous and nav-next in template-tags.php (but not quill_paging_nav() as you mentioned above). I commented out the current code and replaced with the one needed: <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>. It still comes out with the navigation provided with Sydney theme. My site blog section.

Thank you very much in advance