Page Name and White Box Background Forced Into Pages

Hello… Assigning the Front Page Template to my front page got rid of the problem there, however, I do not want all of my pages to be a front page. I have a large slider, like the Sydney Demo, at the top of the front page and I do not want that on my other pages. Using the other template --No Header Image-Wide-- leaves me stuck with the name I have given the page in bold letters at the top. It is inside the top-left corner of a white box that runs all the way down the page in the background. Even if I do not make the page full width and the content will fit in that box, I do not want that page name imposing on my design and a white background I cannot change. I do want to keep the main menu and site title, but I do not want that page name and white box in my pages!

Please tell me there is a way to get rid of that page name and large white box without making all my pages a front page. If there is no way to fix that then you should warn potential customers that they will not be able to control the design of their pages if they purchase your theme.

For some reason I thought there were going to be a good selection of templates to choose from. Maybe I’m confusing this one with someone else’s theme. Other templates do away with the main menu at the top.

Please offer a solution. My client is waiting for his website in this theme that he liked and purchased.

Thank You…

PS: The particular page I am having trouble with is an application form with lots of fields. I have to make this one a wide page. If I don’t, the side bar shows up next to the form and when it does, it pushes the application fields together and messes up the form. Other pages will likely be okay with the side bar, but even if they are, there is still that page name at the top imposing on the design as well as taking a large amount of space.

I should also note that when I go into the customizer, I can set the background color and text --or font-- colors, but it does not affect that box or that page name. My background color is a dark green and that box is white. My letters should be black, but that page name is dark gray. I have not indicated either one of those colors anywhere.

Maybe there is a way to go into a php file and kill the code that forces that white box and page name without messing everything up?


Please try to select No header (only menu) option for Site header type in Appearance → Customize → Header area → Header type section, and use Front Page template. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.