Page load speed

Hello Vlad! How are you going today?
This is possibly my last request for support for some time, the page is almost completely ready and now I have only this task before making a site promotion.

Perhaps this is not your jurisdiction, but it never hurts to try. hehe.

[link: Http://]

I did load test of my page in Google insighs and I saw some disturbing data.

See the test:[]

Some of these tasks (Enable Compression, Compact HTML, CSS, JavaScript) or (Remove JavaScript and CSS Rendering lock up the Edge Content) can be made without affecting the functionality of the template?

Thank you for your attention and patience :slight_smile:


Deferring the JS and CSS isn’t really an option, it will break things.

You can enable gzip compression, but that cannot be done from the theme. You either do it manually, or you use a plugin. Same goes for minifying the CSS and JS (both from plugins and themes) that isn’t already minified. I recommend using W3 Total Cache to handle these things.