Page linking behind sticky menu!


I have a number of anchors to which I link. However, the pages are scrolling up past my sticky menu so the first few lines are hidden behind the menu. How can I ensure the top of the page or the location of the anchor starts BELOW the sticky menu and not hidden under it?

Please see my site - anchor logos - on home page as an example -

NOTE - the ones linking the icons under “We Offer” work due to some Custom CSS I was told about but it only works for those and not other anchors I have inserted.


Hi Eric,

This is because you have set name with anchor at that point also you have two of them as you can see on that screenshot. You need to add them further up, or simply use automatically generated row ID. Inspect page with Chrome web inspector, find row ID and use it for anchor. So you will have to change link like this:

And you will also get nice scrolling effect

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Thanks for replying.

  1. the reason I used name is because that’s how I was told to do it by one of your guys:

Hello there,

Try to replace:


<span id=“yacht”></span>
It applies for other sections.


So now on Roman’s suggestion, I added the anchor as an ID in the Attributes dialog. I’ve applied this all over.

I then did what you said with the panel… look up and it’s still not working. The text is still going up behind the menu. I spoke to Roman about this too, as I wasn’t getting a response, and he suggested my adding some custom CSS, but that’s not working either. I did the look up and found the ACE panel to be "panel-385-1-0-0 - did I do this correctly? I added the link to the ACE hardware logo but it’s not working… Any other suggestions?


Hi again Eric,

You have to use ID, and that is how it is working in all our themes which supports anchors, and as I can see, with anchor in place, there is nice scrolling effect, and scrolling is working and upon click you will end up on that section. See another screencast, it is scrolling up to that ID not below it

Best Regards!