Page link for slider and 'call to action' button

Hello! I’ m newbie here and I have a question about slider and ‘call to action button’ settings on the front page.

> Is it possible to add multiple page links in ‘call to button action’ according to
each slider image?


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Did you meant that you want to add more CTA button to the header? if so, you can try the instruction from this thread

Thank you for your quick reply. Well I would like to have only one CTA button in each slider image, but with different-changing link inside the button, according to changing slider image. In your linked post there is also the same question but without answer. Maybe I should add page link to each slider image? Does Sydney Pro Theme have this kind of feature?

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Oh I see…

Sydney Pro doesn’t has those featured also. You can contact codeable or hire a wordpress developer to add the buttons in each slider.