Page Jump problems from menu

Hi Folks,
I’m struggling a bit with page jumps in Sydney Pro. I call some specific places on my homepage from within the menu and that works fine. Being on another page (aside the homepage) the same menu links lead to strange positions on the main page.

Clicking on “Notfall” in the menu it works fine and brings you to

Being on a different page e.g. and clicking on “Notfall” in the same menu it does not work. Still brings you to the main page but not to the correct page jump position

The behavior differs between different browsers (I’m working with FireFox) … it’s less of a problem when working with chrome or vivaldi. Nevertheless, even in those two browsers the position called from a subpage is not the same as being called from the main page (but the difference is only a few lines)

Any ideas how to overcome that problem? Your support is very much appreciated.
Cheers, Timo

Hello there,

One of our users got this issue as well. This extra jQuery code seems to be able to correct it.


Hi Kharis,
thanks for your answer. Great hint! The code solved a major problem with the page jumps from a different page. There’s still a problem remaining. When I jump from a different page there seems to be an offset to the jump location. Choosing the menu item “Notfall” again (on the homepage) corrects the issue.

To demonstrate: Go to
Choose “Notfall” on the menu
Now you get directed to the “Notfall” section in the main page but with an negative offset.
Choose “Notfall” on the menu at this main page again and the correct position of the page jump is shown (just some appr. 100px lower).
Would you have any idea how the proper jump position can be aquired from a different page?

Thanks again for your help!
Cheers, Timo

Hello there,

In your custom jQuery code, replace this line with:

scrollTop: currentElem.offset().top


scrollTop: currentElem.offset().top - 70

Adjust the number of 70 until you get it exactly fits.


Great Kharis, that solved the issue!
Thx for your help!

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.