Page Jump Alignment

I’ve been using Sydney Theme for a while & I’ve been testing in a subdomain before going live. I’ve used pagebuilder to create rows, now on the slider the CTA [Call to Action] button takes the page to the row below and shows exactly how I want it, there is another CTA button which I’ve linked to a row below, clicking on the button takes me to the row, but then the alignment is slightly off… the sticky menu covers the title & first line on the page, if I remove sticky menu, then the page is correct. However I need sticky menu on my page… How do I fix this?

sorry I missed the link to the site


I’ve just checked your site, edit the link of cta button to each row in the home page using chrome dev tools and looks like all is working as well. The title or the first line within the row are not covered by the sticky menu.

Did you already manage it?

Hi Awan, the first CTA works good, its the other 2 that has the problem.
on the home page, click on the CLICK TO BEGIN, that takes you down the page, on that part of the page, there is another CTA button KNOW MORE, clicking that takes me further down the page & this is where the problem arises.
Would be great if you can have a look once again

Hi Awan, found a solution. Thanks for the suggestion of checking chrome dev tools.
realised that page id helps with the CTA link… My mistake was that I had too many rows inside a row, now that I have separate rows the problem is solved. Thanks again

Glad to know if you have sorted it out :slight_smile: