Page Featured Image

I have a featured image loaded on each page, but they are not showing up. I just see the blank white space where my image should be above the black footer bar.

My frontpage has the header slider image picked. This idea of the full screen “background” image is what I want the featured image to look like on each page.

The featured images won’t show in the header. Post a link to your site.

Loving the Sydney Theme; however, I have 2 concerns.

  1. My Favicon cover Titles on Blogs and Pages. How can I adjust? I resized the Favicon but the website won’t save the new size. Hopefully, there’s another way…

  2. What is the requirement size for the Header Images (5)? My last 3 are somewhat blurred.

Thanks so much!


I assumed the featured image would post on the page in the page body area, but it did not post on the page anywhere. shows a page I have that has a featured image loaded and none of the templates will show it anywhere.

Then, I have a page that through PageBuilder I have a row with a widget SiteOrigin Image. I uploaded the image and chose full width. I also tried changing the page template to Frontpage or Full Width. I cannot get the image to span the width of the page (like the frontpage image). I don’t know if there is a better widget for images or way to use the widget styles to accomplish what I want. I’d like to be able to have alternating rows of images and content but I want everything to use the full width.