Page download and modification problem in wordpress

Hi there,

Since last week, it is tremendously HARD to access one of my pages or modify it with Wordpress…on Chrome…
I receive a lot of times an error message in French : aie, aie, aie…and then it blocks…
Each time I try a modification, then it fails with the same message…

Can you please help?



Hello JC,

Not really sure what happens in there as it wasn’t reported by our users. I feel it’s a rare issue. To troubleshoot it yourself, try checking if the issue occurs on a fresh page either. Create a new blank page and insert some widgets; then run your test.


I encounter the same problem but not in relation with atehemes, so I am looking for a solution, did you found anything wich help ?

Best regards


Hello Kevin,

In order to help me understand it better. Please recored your test until the issue appears with this app: And upload it in your next reply.