Page cutoff?

I don’t know a good way to describe this, and I can’t link my site and have it public for the time being, so I’ll just try and show you with pictures.

On the demo, everything is nice and takes up the whole width of the screen. However, on my site, it only takes a portion of it and also when scrolling down, on demo, the services has a grey background spanning the whole page, mine cuts off. Hope I’m making sense

Please do note the image currently used for header is not permanent and I'm not breaking copyright law, I placed that there just for illustration, and I don't really have an image for it yet, hence the dummy replacement.

Hi Excl,

have you try to set the width of your page?
click edit row from your page then choose full width stretched as row layout

Hi Awan,

Thanks for your response! Much appreciated. I have found that using full width instead of full width stretched renders the same result as in the demo and all is looking up! However, my header is still cut off I’m afraid like the second picture above, or like the picture below.

you can set (check) background size to cover from customize > header area.
hope it help :slight_smile:

Solved, much thanks